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September 2016 We welcomed the Waitrose volunteers in early September to help us to repaint the barn in Woodland Way. Thank you Waitrose! It looks fantastic. (We will finish off the end furthest from Woodland Way when the bees are resting for the winter.)

The pond has been dredged, and is now recognisably a pond again. There are photos of this (as well as a few more of the barn painting) in the Gallery. The middle field has been baled, and is now open for you to use again. Thank you for your co-operation while it was closed.
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August 2016 The top and middle fields are due to be mown as soon as we have a clear spell of dry weather. This will mean that they are closed to the public for a week or so. We cannot predict exactly when that will be. Because it is essential that the mown grass does not contain any dog mess, we would ask you to be particularly vigilant when walking your dogs at the moment.
  On our August volunteer day, we installed a new kissing gate from the bottom field into the Spinney. We have cleared a footpath through the Spinney, and we hope you will enjoy walking through this way. We also plan to put a bench half way along the new path, as well as an interpretation board illustrating the history and geology of the Spinney, and then we will have a grand opening celebration!
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June 2016 Follow all our news on our new Facebook page! Search for "Friends of Edgewick Farm".
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 We are very grateful to The Scotts Company (UK) Ltd., who replaced a broken pair of Yeoman telescopic loppers free of charge. Also to Felco for replacing a pair of secateurs.
Volunteers, please treat our tools with care, we may not be so fortunate another time!

Waitrose have kindly donated £432 to the Friends of Edgewick Farm as a result of having a 'tube' in the Oakgrove branch. We shall be using the money to hire equipment to dredge the pond. Thank you Waitrose.!

The Dexter mums, the Hereford bull, and some of their offspring are back in the bottom field.
The cowslips in the picnic area are beautiful.

The sheep's name was drawn by the librarian of Woburn Sands library, and most appropriately, the name was Holly. Denise was the lucky winner.

Some calendars are still available, from Aubergine, Haskells, Michael or Val Russell (7 Hardwick Place).

The 2014 Edgewick Farm calendar will soon be going to press. Full of wonderful photos, watch this space for details of price and how to order.

Etienne Stott, the canoe slalomist who won Gold in the Olympics, drew the name of the winning sheep. It was 'Dolly' and was chosen by Nikki Hughes, who wins the black sheep and bottle of wine.

The volunteers collected apples from the orchard and left them in front of the barn for residents to help themselves. We are looking for apple recipes - please send any to Val Russell

 28/08/2012 The petition asking for the removal of the paragraph in the Neighbourhood Plan suggesting the lower field at Edgewick could be used to site a football pitch or similar attracted nearly 400 signatures. We await the revised Plan to confirm that the paragraph has been removed.






About twelve volunteers helped out at the stall at the Jubilee family day, and raised  £50 in donations. The treasure hunts compiled by Doug Clow and Mary Davies went down very well, and rain didn't dampen the spirits too badly.

Twelve volunteers turned out in the rain to tackle brambles on Woodland Way and dead wood in the spinney.

Three volunteers turned out in the snow to start work in the spinney. Unfortunately the snow covering made it almost impossible to differentiate the live and dead shrubs, so after an hour we called it a day.

 The 'guess the name of the sheep' competition at the Rushmere Christmas Fair was won by Mrs Collins who correctly guessed 'Sarah' as the name.

The Friends of Edgewick Farm had a stall at the Woburn Sands Christmas Fair, selling calendars and running a 'guess the name of the sheep' competition. The sheep's name was Madeleine, which Marjorie Walker guessed correctly.

 30/05/2011  Sixteen of us gathered at the Barn on a grey bank holiday morning.
Under the expert guidance of Peter Skelton, we searched the picnic area for different sorts of grass. We found eleven different species, identified and explained by Peter. The rain held off for long enough for us to learn a lot about a plant we usually take for granted.

The species we found:

False oat (Arrhenatherum elatius)
Crested dogstail (Cynosurus cristalus)
Cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata)
Soft brome (Bromus hordeaceus)
Barren brome (Bromus sterilis)
Yorkshire fog (Holcus lanatus)
Red fescue (Festuca rubra)
Rough meadowgrass (Poa trivialis)
Smooth meadowgrass (Poa pratensis subsp. angustifolia)
Annual ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum)
One we couldn't quite identify - either Common bent grass (Agrostis
capillaris) or Creeping bent grass (Agrostis stolonifera)

 05/09/10 Help yourselves to apples! 
As part of the volunteer morning, we collected up all the windfalls in the orchard. These are now in boxes in front of the barn, so please help yourselves. We hope to pick the apples sometime during the next month, so keep an eye out for more.

 30/08/10 Update on the bees
Unfortunately one of the three hives suffered from wasps invading. Usually the bees are strong enough to resist them, but in this case they weren't. Gunther has taken the hive away and will be replacing it.

 01/08/10 Bees arrive
Three of Gunther's beehives arrived at Edgewick on the 1st July. Unfortunately one of the hives was invaded by wasps, which killed the bees. The other two are very healthy. 

12/07/10 Woburn Sands Folk Festival
The Folk Festival at Edgewick Farm was a great success, although problems with mowing have meant that the bottom field is unlikely to develop as a wildflower meadow. Hopefully more people are now aware of the area, and what a valuable resource it is.

 17/04/10 Spring is here!
The pond now has a lot of frogspawn after the frogs were very noisily mating a couple of weeks ago. The moorhens and mallards are also in evidence, although the mallards are easily scared away by dogs. Cowslips are abundant in the picnic area, also isolated plants are to be found in the middle field.

 06/12/09 Winning sheep's name - Poppy
On Sunday 6th December our celebrity, Greg Rutherford, drew the winning name for the sheep. It was Poppy, chosen by Alan Pearce.

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