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Dexter Cattle Society http://www.dextercattle.co.uk Website of the Dexter Cattle Society. Information on the smallest breed of British cattle
Evolution megalab  http://www.evolutionmegalab.org
A link to research on the banded snail, commonly found at Edgewick
Milton Keynes Parks Trust http://www.theparkstrust.com The independent charity that cares for Milton Keynes' parks and green spaces
The Greensand Trust
An independent charity that works to conserve and promote the landscape, wildlife and history of the Greensand Ridge and surrounding areas
The Woburn Estate
The Duke of Bedford owns much of the land surrrounding Edgewick Farm, as part of the Woburn Abbey estate. 
Woburn Sands and District Society
The Society was formed in the 1960s to preserve and protect the amenities and rural character of the villages and hamlets in the area the Society covers, including Woburn Sands.
Woburn Sands local history
The place names of Woburn Sands and their history
Woburn Sands Town Council 
The web page for Woburn Sands Town Council and Woburn Sands Business and Community Association
 Newfoundland Smallholding
 This is the website for the farmer who owns the Dexter cattle that are used to graze Edgewick. He can supply pork, beef and turkeys.

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