The Farm is owned by the Woburn Sands Town Council, but it is managed with help from the Greensand Trust, the Edgewick Farm Advisory Group, and the Friends of Edgewick Farm.

Woburn Sands Town Council is the formal owner of Edgewick Farm and is therefore ultimately responsible for its upkeep. It takes the major decisions regarding the use of the area. The Greensand Trust manages the area, provides a recommended Management Plan, and carries out repairs to fencing etc. as necessary.

The Advisory Group consists of representatives from Woburn Sands Town Council, the Greensand Trust, and the Friends of Edgewick Farm. Within the objectives agreed with the Council, the Group can take decisions on the day-to-day running of the Farm, such as decisions on grazing v. mowing, times of grazing, work needed on the barn, the ponds, etc. It makes recommendations to the Council on the more far-reaching issues, such as the use of the barn, educational initiatives, fundraising ventures, etc.

The Friends of Edgewick Farm by and large represent the users of the area. The Friends of Edgewick Farm volunteers meet on the first Sunday of every month, at 09:30 am by the barn on Woodland Way, to carry out the upkeep as recommended by the Greensand Trust, and any other enhancements to the area that are felt appropriate.

    Tasks undertaken by the volunteers include:
  • Clearing brambles, thistles and nettles
  • Maintenance of the barn, fences and gates
  • Litter picking
  • Path maintenance
  • Orchard mowing, pruning and mulching
  • Improving drainage
  • Hay-raking
  • Installing nesting boxes
  • Hedge-laying

Friends who are unable to attend the volunteer mornings offer support in a variety of ways, from raising public awareness to raising funds; from helping with computing support to identifying plant and animal species on the farm.

If anyone would like to join the Friends, as an active or non-active member, please contact:
Val Russell
Tel: 01908 582708

or write to:

Val Russell
7 Hardwick Place
Woburn Sands
MK 17 8QQ





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