After George Ringer, the farmer who had tended Edgewick Farm for many years, died, Woburn Sands Town Council acquired the area at nominal cost (apart from the legal costs) on condition that the public be allowed access for picnicking, walking and other recreational activities. To do this, various safety measures and access improvements had to be made – demolishing the unsafe buildings, installing disabled access gates, repairing and replacing stock fencing and so on. Money for this was raised through the Edgewick Farm Appeal and a grant from EBMK (Environmental Body Milton Keynes).

The goals for Edgewick Farm are:

  1. Making the area as safe and secure as possible for both visitors and livestock
  2. Improving visitor access
  3. Surveying and monitoring wildlife in the area, taking appropriate measures to encourage desirable species
  4. Providing educational facilities for visitors and local schools and encouraging their use


The original conditions of management require that the three fields be preserved as unimproved grassland, for the maintenance of which grazing animals are essential. At any time, one of the fields is usually being grazed, and is therefore shut to public access.

The Farm Map
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